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​Kingdom Business Solutions

Is your ministry’s business in order?

Today, many of us believe that the church, and/or your ministry, does not have a business side to it.  Well, according to state laws and  the IRS, it does!  Simply, when you are not properly formed as a non-profit through the state in which your church or ministry resides, you are out of order with both the state laws and the IRS rules and regulations.

How?  When you are not registered with your state as a non-profit you should not be operating in any capacity that says you are.  If you are not registered with your state, just a guess…you have not obtained an EIN through the IRS nor set-up a bank account either.  How do we know this?  One feeds off of the other!

When you go to the bank to open an account, you will need your state registration paperwork as well as your EIN paperwork from the IRS to have an account properly setup for your church or ministry.  Yes, you will want to have this done properly!  Setting the proper foundation in the beginning helps to ensure everything else is in order as you move forward.  Without the proper foundation, order, structure…you are sure to crumble.  The foundation is what everything else sits on!

Your planning stage…

  • The Mission
  • The Vision
  • Appoint a board of directors
  • Protection & training for your board (or trustees)
  • Name of your church or ministry
  • Policy & Procedures
  • Bylaws
  • Where will the church/ministry meet and/or hold services
  • And more….

Your Setup…

  • Form as a non-profit through your state
  • Federal Tax ID
  • State tax exemption
  • Federal tax exemption (501(c)3)
  • Open a church/ministry bank account
  • Website
  • Develop a core group, in addition to your board
  • Community program etc.
  • And more…

Listed above is where many of you will want to start…it is imperative to ensure you have placed individuals, with the expertise necessary for the success of the vision/mission the Lord has given you to MANAGE!  Where this may apply to new ministries, many of you may be currently operating without ALL the necessary steps…

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